Who We Are

Vote No on 2F: Keep Denver Housed is a coalition of progressive organizers who believe in making Denver a better place to live for all. Keep Denver Housed banned together to defeat a ballot measure that would repeal Denver's Group Living Measure.

The Group Living Ordinance was passed after a three-year process and had the support of 11 council members, over 50 organizations, and over 1,000 residents whose input helped shape the final package. Before this measure passed, Denver had among the most restrictive rules in the country about who could share a home together.  

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What We Believe 

More housing for Hardworking Coloradans: The average monthly rent in Denver is $1,670. If the Group Living Measure is repealed, it would take away affordable housing options for hardworking Coloradans such as teachers, firefighters, and nurses. These vital members of Denver should have the option to share housing costs with friends, coworkers, or roommates.


Helping Coloradans get Back on their Feet: Hardworking Coloradans have struggled to pay their bills during the pandemic. By taking away housing options, these Coloradans will have a harder time getting back on their feet. If we want to build back stronger than ever, we need to ensure that we support the members of our community who have been hit the hardest by the pandemic. 

Making it Easier to Live in Denver: This initiative would make Denver’s housing laws among the most restrictive in the state. Cities like Colorado Springs, Arvada, and Lakewood all allow people to have more than one roommate – and Denver should too. If this initiative passes, it would make it harder to live in Denver than in any other city. 

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