The Group Living Ordinance

Denver residents will vote this November on a ballot measure that would repeal an ordinance passed overwhelmingly by the City Council to expand group living and to reform rules around residential care facilities.


The Group Living Ordinance was passed after a three-year process and had the support of 11 council members, over 50 organizations, and over 1,000 residents whose input helped shape the final package. Before this measure passed, Denver had among the most restrictive rules in the country about who can share a home together.  

Why Vote No on 2F? 

  • It would take away affordable housing options for working people like teachers, nurses, and grocery store clerks.

  • This initiative would make it harder to live in Denver than any other city in Colorado.

  • This initiative is funded by dark money sources that want to undo the progress that Denver has made to house everyday people.

  • It would make it illegal to have “more than one other” roommate (more than two unrelated adults) in a house.

  • It would undo the progress made that helps provide support for the elderly, those with physical or developmental disabilities, or others who need care.

What the Ordinance Does

  • Increases the number of unrelated people who can live together from two up to five people.

  • Allows Denver to use the full capacity of existing shelters and improve those services.

  • Limits the number of residential care facilities that can operate in any one area of Denver and requires them to be spaced apart.

  • The group living ordinance limits the number of cars that can be owned per household.